Naser Poolamanna

Naser Poolamanna

Naser Poolamanna

This home is the “Gateway” to my heart. First of all, let me tell you about My INDIA, My Kerala My Palakkad and My Edathanattukara.
My KERALA the “God's Own Country”

The state of Kerala is situated on the western coast in the far south of India. It is a tropical state- green and lush. It has a 550km coast line on the Arabian sea. Its eastern border is formed by the magestic Western Ghats mountain range. Kerala has a diverse landscape ranging from wonderful beaches, soothing backwaters, hill stations and wildlife reserves.
Kerala has India's lowest birthrate, lowest infant mortality, highest marriage age and 100% literacy rate. Kerala's geography combined with its strong culture means that it is a wonderful introduction to India for the first time visitor and offers complete diversity to people who have already visited the north of India.

ThiruvananthapuramThiruvananthapuram is the state capital of kerala. The International airport is situated just 15km away from the city.

My Palakkad

Palakkad lies at the foot of the gigantic western ghats, and therefore most of the roads and railway lines linking Kerala and Tamil Nadu pass through this area. It is situated 80 kms. north east of Thrissur and 50 kms. south west of Coimbatore. This district is described as the granery of the state of Kerala. This district with mountains, forests and fertile valleys; rivers and mountain streams are rich in flora and fauna. Festivals like Nenmara vela, Kalpathi Radholsavam are conducted here. Other places to visit are Walayar, Pothundy Fort of Tipu Sultan, Malampuzha dam and Dhoni waterfalls. Silent valley national park and Parambikulam wildlife sanctuary are located in this district.
Buses to Guruvayoor, Thrissur, Malampuzha and other places are operated from Town bus stand. Thiruvalluvar Transport Corporation of Government of Tamil Nadu is also operating several buses to various centres in Tamil Nadu from the K.S.R.T.C. bus stand.
District Head Quarters: Palakkad

Area : 4,480 Km Population : 26,17,072 Literacy : 84.31 % Palakkad Taluk : [Taluk Headquarter: Palakkad]Akathethara, Elappully I, Elappully II, Kannadi II, Kannadi, Keralassery, Kizhkke Puthussery Kodumbu, Kongodu I, Kongodu II, Malampuzha I, Malampuzha II, Mankara, Mannur, Marutha Road, Mundoor I, Mundoor II, Naduvil Puthussery, Padinjara Puthussery, Palakkad III, Palakkad I, Palakkad II, Parali I, Parali II, Peruvenbum, Pirayiri, Pulpally, Puthupariyaram I, Puthupariyaram II, Yakkara
Chittoor Taluk : [Taluk Headquarter: chittoor]Ayiloor, Chittoor, Elavancherry, Ezhuthempathi, Kayaradi, Koduvayur I, Koduvayur II, Kollencodu, Kollencodu II, Kozhinjampara, Kozhippaty, Moolathara, Muthalamada I, Muthalamada II, Nalleppally, Nandiyode, Nellyampathy, Nenmara, Ozhalappathy, Pallassana, Pattancherry, Perumatty, Puthunagaram, Thathamangalam, Thekkudesom, Thiruvazhiyadu, Vadavannur, Vadekarapathy, Valiya Vallompathy, Vallangi, Vandithavalam,
Alathur Taluk: [Taluk Headquarter: Alathur]Alathur, Erimayur I, Erimayur II, Kannambra I, Kannambra II, Kavasserry I, Kavasserry II, Kizhakkencherry I, Kizhakkencherry II, Kottayi I, Kottayi II, Kunnathur I, Kunnathur II, Kuzhalmannam I, Kuzhalmannam II, Mathur I, Mathur II, Melarkode, Peringattukurissi I, Peringattukurussi II, Puthukode, Tharoor I, TharoorII, Thekurissi, Vandazhi I, Vandazhi II, Wadekkamcherry I, Wadekkamcherry II,
Mannarkkad Taluk: [Taluk Headquarter: Mannarkkad]Agali, Alanallur, Kallamala, Karakuriss, Kottathara, Kottopadam, Kumaromputhur, Mannarkkad, Padavayal, Palakayam, Payanedum, Porussery, Puthur, Sholayur, Thachanattukara, Thachapara, Thyachanattukara,
Ottappalam Taluk: [Taluk Headquarter: Ottappalam]Ambalapara I, Ambalapara II, Anaganadi, Anakkara,Chalavara, Chalisserry, Cherpulassery, Kadampazhipuram I, Kadampazhipuram II, Karipuzha I, Karipuzha II, Koppam, Koppam, Kulukkallur, Luckeydiperur I, Luckeydiperur II, Muttuthara, Nayalasserry, Nellaya, Ongallur I, Ongallur II, Ottapalam I, Ottapalam II, Parudur, Pattaithafa, Pattambi, Shornur I, Shornur II, Sree Krishanapuram II, Sree Krishnapuram I, Thirumittakode I, Thirumittakode II, Thiruvegapuram, Thrihhiradi II, Thrikkiradi I, Thrithala, Vallapuzha, Vaniyamkulam I, Vaniyamkulam II, Vellinezhi, Vilayur
Education:Government CollegesGovernment College, Chittoor,Government Samskrita College, PattambiGovernment Victoria College, Palakkad,Private CollegesM.E.S. Kallody College,MannarcoduMercy College,PalakkadN.S.S.College, NenmaraN.S.S.College,OttapalamS.N. College, AlathurS.N.College ShornurV.T.Bhattathirippad College,MannamProfessional CollegesN.S.S.Engineering College, Palakkad
Polytechnic [2]Government Polytechnic, PalakkadInstitute of Printing & Technology, Shornur
TrainingN.S.S Training College, OttapalamGovernment Sangeetha College, PalakkatTeachers Training Institutes [7]
Total Schools:931
Industry:Total Registered factories: 2004 (Total employees: 24,823)Total Registered Small Scale Units: 17,293 (Total employees: 84,955)
Geographical NatureThe 32-40 Km Gap at the 960 Km long western ghat is causing the weather and the life style of the district. Through the gap known as 'Palakkad churam' the north east monsoon reaches Kerala. Kerala with other parts of India are connected through the gap. No seashore in the district. Highranges only.
Rivers: Bharatapuzha, Kannadi, Kalpathy, Chittoor puzha, Bhavani, Sisuvani, Gayathri and Thuthapuzha.
Forest: 136,257 Hectare
Places & Attractions:
79 Km from Thrissur and in Palakkad district is famous for 'Tippu Sultan's Fort walls'.Kunthipuzha: The tributary of Bharatapuzha originated from Silent Valley where the National park situated.Malampuzha: 13 Km from Palakkad. The Malampuzha dam was constructed in 1956 with garden, children's park, fishmodel aquarium and the rope way. Fantasy park here is an added attraction.Meenkara: 32 Km south east from Palakkad 'Meenkara' dam and lake are the special attraction for nature lovers. Fish ponds are here.Nelliyampathy: The place of Orange estates is at 9 Km from Nenmara.Palakkad: 79 Km from Thrissur. Palakkad district is famous for 'Tippu Sultan's Fort walls Parambikulam: Wildlife Sanctuary with an area of 285 Sq Km The dam of Aliyar Project is here.Sholayar: The topmost area at Attappady. 25 Km from AnakattyNatural beauty with cold weather. Coffee and tea estates.Silent Valley: 46 Km north east of Mannarkkad silent valley is the dense green natural forestSiruvani: 25 Km from west of Coimbatore near the Mannarkkad at Idakurissi. The dam and the forest are the main attractions.

My Mannarkkad
Mannarkkad is a small town in Palakkad district of Kerala state, south India. Silent Valley (a tropical evergreen rain forest with an unbroken evolutionary history of 50 million years) is only 66 km from Mannarkkad.

A rough population estimate is 150,000+. Mannarkkad has an agri-based economy. Main agriculture produce consists of natural rubber, coconut, areca nut, banana, plantain, nutmeg, pepper and rice. Due to inordinate use of chemicals, the natural ecosystem was adversely affected. But over a decade or control, has revived many almost extinct natural species of reptile, butter flies, fresh water fish and other organisms.
70%-80% of the agri-income is earned by 20%-25% of the population. Of the rest, 10% are into trading and the remaining 65% of the total population are below slightly above of below the poverty line. Quite a few people were involved in illegal logging and marijuana farming in the nearby western ghats. The promise of quick money drove the menfolk to abandon traditional professions and agriculture for smuggling snadal wood and marijuana. Social problems have forced many women to take up menial jobs and tobacco rolling (beedi) to support their families.
Over the past few years charitable organizations and civil societies have stepped in the tackle these problems at the root by providing education and other facilities predominantly aimed towards empowerment of women.

Well, since you have shown interest in knowing about me. I was born in a tiny beautiful village called EDATHANATTUKARA situated in the corner of Valluvanad of Malabar area Mannarkkad Taluk, exactly in between Palakkad and Malappuram districts of Kerala state in south INDIA. A well known village in Malabar because of its natural beauties’ and natural resources hosted several peoples from other areas. It is a greenish nostalgic village .. Sleeping the history of old Naturajas and Natu Pramanees life. Every nook and corner has a sleeping story to narrate about their old life…

Two years after I born my family we moved to Nandini-Bhilai-Madhypradesh. It was a dark days in Kerala with poverty and unemployment issues. My father was doing hotel business there.. Hotel Mubarack Nandini Mines. I spent few years there and returned to our village ..I cannot recall the days but ..It was a sweet and bitter memory in my life. I started my schooling at AMLP (W) Orphanage (Yatheemkhana) then AUPS Nalukandam and GOHS Kottapalla. High School was around 3 KM far from my house even it was far, I used to walk from my home to Scholl from class XII. If comparing about it now, Amazing, I feel great because now a days I am not walking even 3 minutes a day. But loving my Volley ball and spending one and half hors. Now I am stationed in a “LAND OF SAND” that is in Gulf ....Custodian of Two Great Holy places (Makka & Madina) and Oil Giant Country … SAUDI ARABIA… In between Kuwait and Saudi Arabia a place a small city called Al Kahfji. I will write more lately about Expatriate life of a Gulf Life of a poor Indian and my life in Riyadh, Najran, Medina, Yanbu, Jeddah Al Khobar and Al Khafji Where I was spent my life…

My childhood was mostly spend like a grasshopper with lots of kids of my age surrounding area of Edathanattukara known as Chirattakkulam, Yatheemkhana, Nalukandam, Kodiyankunnu, Kottapalla, Vattamannappuram, Velliyancheri, Kappuparambu, Alanallur etc.. It was a great days … Totally enjoyed, I mean maximum utilized natural beauty during my childhood. But now we are enjoying all on PC Monitor or on TV Picture tube.

I have so many things to share with you .... ...I will write more soon..........
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